Tips for a Busy Mom

I wanted to dedicate this blog to a Corporate Mom, but then as I sat down to write the blog I realised that in the last 12 months I have experienced different emotions as I swiftly moved from being a corporate mom to a full time mom and now a business mom.

What threads throughout is the word ‘mom’ and with that comes towering selflessness, multi- tasking the multi–tasking and box full of emotions. While the first two keep the men in our life cheerful, the ‘emotions’ freak them out.

This blog is not about how to keep the emotions out of the equation or how to keep our men happy J .  I will share some valuable lessons I have learnt in my journey helping me a better mom, a workaholic corporate woman and now an aspiring business entrepreneur.

A lot of this came from my introspection on how I manage myself, clients, peers on a an average working day and days I would like to call ‘Mrs Doubtfire Days’. As a Finance director in my earlier job or now as an Entreprenuer, during the day I behave differently, speak differently and manage situations and conflicts differently. A cursory thought provoked me – When will I be my real true self if I have to watch my actions and words around my loved ones too?


On the contrary wouldn’t our 8-10 hours of work guise naturally flow into our private life? That’s when I realized that these lessons are life lessons pertinent to all moms.

Lessons from a Busy Mom

  1. Be Confident – Easier said than done. We all have self -doubts but let that not interfere with your day. Remember, that’s the first thing you display at work or when you show up for a networking meet.


  1. Be Brave , Ask for help – All of us can relate to this. As you grow up the ladder or take on bigger projects, remember you can’t do it all. Learn to delegate at work or hire an intern if you are small business. Ask your partner to pick up a few chores, whether it is preparing the evening meal or making the best of bed time routine.

  1. Be Organized– In Line with #2 & 3, our super power comes from our ability to organize lives of all the souls living under the roof. Sunday evenings are the best time to plan the week ahead- a family calendar is a good way to put up activities and assign task owners.  Having a sense of control gives a huge boost to how we feel and welcome the coming week.

You think you have all sorted for the day- working from home, calls slated in well giving you just enough time to jump into the car for a school run. On a ‘Mrs Doubtfire day’, your boss is extremely passionate on the topic, you look at your watch wishing no one notices as you drop off from the conference call. Always prepare for Plan C giving yourself enough time to mitigate risks.


  1. Be kind to yourself– It’s ok if you haven’t been able to strike off all your ‘To Dos’. Your accomplishments isn’t the number of activities you’ve signed against, it’s the quality of tasks undertaken. Take your due lunch break, go for a walk with a friend or a colleague or enjoy yoga or meditate. Take atleast a day off once a month for yourself, have no agenda, just breath the day and the surroundings and follow your instincts.


  1. Be a happy mom & that woman you are – Don’t bring work home or to your bedroom, extremely damaging. I have spent substantial years as a corporate woman working 12-14 hours, proudly calling myself a workaholic only to realise later that I have lost all that chatter with my little one over the dinner table and bed time. As a business entrepreuner our line of work and home gets foggy, making us feel guilty for that 30 minute extended lunch break or that unscheduled phone call from a dear friend. Don’t crucify yourself, you are already doing your best and you deserve to cherish your role as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, a friend and most importantly ‘the woman that you are’


If there is one thing we as women need to remember that is: A Happy Woman is a Happy Mom.

Flaunt that smile and confidence and enjoy your journey!

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