Jewels for the Corporate Woman- Meet Lily Flo

Jewellery is the most transformative thing that you can wear. That little sparkle has the power to make you feel unique. 


Over the last one year I have met some amazing enterprising entrepreneurs, who are at different junctures of their journey. We all realize that it can be a lonely world too, where we don’t have mentors or that one friend at work who you could nudge for a coffee break when things got rough at work, there is no one to pat you on your back, handing you a Reward & Recognition.

In the true spirit of supporting one another, I decided to bring forward some of these amazing entrepreneurs – their story, journey and what inspires them.

Today we bring those sparkles into your wardrobe.  Jewellery is an extension of ourselves. It’s a calculated art for women- we wear them to express ourselves, our status , our mood and if you are lucky enough to sniff our spirit then you have decoded the biggest secret for the rest of your life.

I love jewellery especially the part where it empowers me to transform my ensemble from looking dull to looking sassy. Accessorising well increases the average life of our clothes thus reducing our urge to thoughtless shopping. Fine jewellery sparkled it’s way to me during my  Finance Corporate days- A little sparkle with Power Dressing did wonders to my confidence as I stepped into the boardroom meetings, pitched my creative ideas or worked through the quarter end nights.

Fine jewellery takes us back to the Hollywood golden days of Elizabeth Taylor , Gina Lollobrigida flaunting their dazzling gemstones. There is a sudden resurgence of Fine jewellery today , observing an evolving relationship between high fashion and fine jewellery. There is a real demand for unique individual pieces with a real touch. The shift is highly contributed to the fact that women today understand that jewellery echoes your personality and style and are ready to invest in pieces.

It was a sweet serendipity to meet this uber talented, beautiful soul and an extremely inspiring entrepreneur- Diana Sherling of Lily Flo

Classic, sexy , modern , chic and bold is how I describe the brand. Each piece is handcrafted by Diana in her London Studio. Stocked in several named stores, Lily Flo is redefining the art of dressing for Corporate & Business women.

We have something exciting to share….read up till the end!

The Story of  Lily Flo and how she did it.  


Diana,  tell us about your brand?

Delicate and modern, sexy but elegant, I created Lily Flo Jewellery to be cool, contemporary fine jewellery, designed and made here in London by me goldsmith Diana Sherling.  Lily Flo is named after and inspired by my daughter Lily Florence to be the perfect combination of style and femininity for women who are looking for modern and delicate fine jewellery for everyday without compromising artisanal skills and ethical and responsible production as everything is handmade in the traditional goldsmithing craft here in my studio in London.

People have told me that my talent is to create classic pieces that have a fresh and modern twist, delicate and dainty but made of solid Eco Sterling Silver and Fine Gold. The collections are always inspired by the women I design for and for the lives we live and wanting to bring fine jewellery to everyday and not occasions.

I have developed a philosophy of design around the Jewellery Wardrobe; key essential jewellery pieces that defines a jewellery wardrobe: stud, hoop, pendant, statement necklace and earrings, bracelet and ring. Originally inspired by Donna Karen’s 7 Easy pieces that defined a career woman’s wardrobe in the 1980’s and 1990’s, our pieces are high quality jewellery, pretty to be worn alone but delicate to add drama by wearing them together. Jewellery that is solid, not plated, that you can wear anywhere that becomes like your second skin; your armour that defines your style.

I created Lily Flo to be a business with a purpose. From using Eco gold and silver as much as I can, sourced from the finest and oldest supplier to the jewellery trade in Hatton Garden. Recycled metals are of such a high quality and finesse where the supply chain is clear and there is no environmental damage or human concern.

Everything is made in my studio in London, therefore there is 100% high quality control and a low carbon footprint.

My ‘production on demand’ model means that my pieces are made to order. This means that no only do I negate any waste in the creation and production process, but it means that every piece is handmade just for you. It means that with my increasing choices for tailoring and personalising jewellery, everything is unique and perfect made just for you.

What three words describe you?

Savvy. Driven. Passionate

How is the fashion industry changing?

I think the industry is getting more craft led in design. I think the influence of mass manufacture from China has led to a revolution back to artisanal craft, made by people who aren’t faceless robots, but personalities with talent.

I think distribution channels are the major change in recent and for the next few years. Millennial consumers are so comfortable with their online lives and buying online it’s making some major changes for bricks and mortar retailers.

Department stores aren’t keeping up with retail innovation are declining (BHS, House of Fraser, Macy’s, Nordstrom), but those that are changing and inspiring are: Selfridges are still the forerunners of retail experience, that you come for entertainment as well as buying, pop-up style themed stores as Nortstrom has changed their US retail strategy and even Amazon are creating pop up stores to be more about crafting an exciting consumer experience and brand experimentation.

I think it means that online platforms are where the focus is on: like online department stores that have a curated selection of brands, with breadth and selection of merchandise but without wholesale and stock wastage as brands send their orders direct. It’s where I am focusing my business this year.


What are the biggest challenges in your career?

Starting Lily Flo when I was working full time. Learning not only about craft and design, but running a business, crafting marketing on social media, learning about SEO and google , building a website and crafting the brand that I imagine – starting your own business, you have to learn everything about everything.. It’s an incredible challenge.

 What inspires you?

My inspiration comes from the way modern women live their lives and the world around me. As a working mother and career girl, I know how important looking good to feel good is, how to have meaningful, pretty things that give you confidence to you can conquer your world. From inspirational women, both historical and of today that followed their heart and soul to their own path. Much of this philosophy has driven my creation of certain collections like Minimalism, a discrete, modern and unusual collection of solid gold versatile jewellery designed to be great for work and our new Stardust collection, designed to move with the body and celebrate amazing times.

I love travel, art and culture, so I draw on all kinds of inspiration as the mood or commission take me.

How did you get into being a  designer?

I’ve always been creative and grew up in a family that was passionate about art and travel. Ever since a young girl I’ve been surrounded around art and craft and soon became obsessed about Greek Mythology that soon developed into a lifelong passion about Ancient Greek Art and culture culminating in lecturing at the British Museum during my Masters in Archaeology. Even though I followed a career in luxury marketing I was always connected to art and culture as a collector of art and sculpture and always learning art history, interior design and jewellery design.

Lily wanted a jewellery making party for her birthday and I was just hooked. It’s like it ignited something inside of me that made me want to be creative for the rest of my life. I’d been working as a Global Strategist in advertising, designing strategies and selling creative work but it wasn’t my own and I wanted to create. I went to night school at The City Lit and Central St Martins, did short courses at Barnet College, but obsessively watched techniques and craft on youtube. I taught myself design (well it kinda taught me as most of my best pieces seem to happen without me planning it) and I just practiced and practiced. Being very fashion orientated, i love my designers, bloggers and craft so that absorption into modern culture helps steer the designs to be fresh and current.

What drives you?

The need to succeed. The quest for credibility in design and craft.

How has your personal life influenced your career?

I have always been passionate about art, fashion and culture. I love pop and house music. I love going out to the West End for cocktails and out for dinner. I love London and I love being part of the creative and innovative culture. I love fashion. I take Lily to London Fashion Week and we often go to Harvey Nicks and Harrods. I love people watching and seeing what they buy and craft outfits. Keeping me interested directly influences who and how I design.

Do you have a Muse you wish you could see wearing your designs?

I love urban girls. I love the Parisian Chic of Louise Follain and Jeanne Damas, I have always adored  the thought of designing for Daisy Lowe – bright, beautiful, sexy but approachable and smart.

 What are your plans for the future?

This year I am focussing on product design and my brand.

I launched my Stardust collection for AW17 and I have been overwhelmed by the positive response from bloggers, consumers and platforms. It’s been so successful. It’s such a pretty, simple and well priced piece of handmade prettiness that makes women feel like princesses. I don’t even remember how I started designing it, it came so naturally. I need to focus on making it even better and more designs.

I have a passion for elegant, timeless and cool pearls. I particularly like baroque pearls as their imperfections I think are cool and prove that they are natural. They have become my unsung hero and I’m going to make these into a fuller collection.

My dots have sorted of defined my style in 2017 and I used the solid dots in a different way to create my Flora collection. Layering and crafting the dots together to make flower shapes, inspired by the flowers in my English Country Garden that are 3D and modern at the same time, I think there are such gems of a thought in there. I’m intending on making these into more of an occasion / wedding designed collection. Earrings are my favourites, so i’m going to experiment with pastel gemstones and bigger / bolder designs.

My brand is going to be further defined. I’m planning a new model photo shoot  with all the collections with a really cool avant garde fashion photographer that we’re going to be fashion blogger style. I’m really excited about that. With the photography, I’m going to focus on building my brand on my website and am going to do more direct-to-consumer pop up events and make my jewellery available on more curated fashion platforms like Wolf & Badger both in the UK, Europe and in USA.


Diana Sherling, Lily Flo Jewellery, 0r 07931 543 712

Thank you Diana for sharing your story. We wish you the very best & a wonderful journey ahead!

If you are looking to create a sustainable wardrobe and have often found yourself wondering what to sparkle in for that important meeting or an event, feel free to contact me- A visit to Lily flo is called for.

Diana and I are planning a special event just for you. Shhhhh!!!!

Sanchali x

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