The Business Woman- Power & Style

 High heels running down the escalators, striking a perfect balance between the sophisticated business bag, newspaper and the hot coffee, gorgeous locks of hair framing her face ever so beautifully. She is someone you see every single day at the same time and she looks impeccable as if she has walked out of a beauty salon. She is the new age Corporate / Business Woman who not only works through the night to crack that deal, fights relentlessly to meet the deadlines, and glues the team effortlessly, but also makes quite a few heads turn with her sense of fashion and style.

For all you gorgeous women- How many of us wake up Monday morning with gleaming eyes wandering around the house, enjoying the whole dress up to work? If you are someone who struggles to take style to work then this read on….

Before we move on, remember your image says a lot about you and you must give it due attention before you step out of that door.

Fashion Stylists, Designers and other experts say executive women make an array of mistakes in the we way dress ourselves- from looking too casual to being overdressed.

Some of the most common mistakes made:

Little or no attention given to Fit

Wear the right size- avoid too tight or too baggy. In most cases this could mean taking your garment to a tailor to get in a few needles & stitches to make it fit you right. I can vouch that once it’s on, you would want to wear it more often.

Same designer, looking dated.

Most women head straight for the same store or designer. While it’s convenient and trustworthy to stick to the same label, it may make us look dated. Shop at different stores and create an interesting combination- a COS dress in neutral colour paired up with a Zara Blazer that comes in many colours could add a happy variation to the outfit and your look.

‘Dress down’ misinterpretation.  

Most companies have relaxed their dress code, making business casual as the norm every day of the week.Tremendous scope here to look professional despite skipping the suit.

Missing the finer details

Whether it’s a dress down culture or suited up, don’t miss the finer details. Fingernails well manicured, hair neatly styled, shoes/ sandals gleaming, handbag and accessories that look a part of the outfit. We often tend to miss out on these essentials.

What is the difference between Business Formal and Business Casual?  

“Business-casual” seems like an oxymoron to some people. Business attire is generally formal, while casual wear can mean anything from unbuttoning a button to a comfy pair of sweat pants. In the corporate world, however, a fine but definitive line is drawn between the two. Actual dress codes and guidelines vary by company but a few general rules are universal.

The Classic Business Professional



 Professional business attire might vary slightly depending on the type of company you work for and its specific preferences. Many corporations imply a “suit-only” rule, while others allow you to mix and match skirts and blazers. However, a few basic guidelines of business attire are generally followed. One significant business attire rule is that all suits, skirts and blazers should be in solid, neutral and subdued colors; Taupe, tan, navy, black and gray. Suits should incorporate a matching skirt. Remember it’s all about the hemline and neckline. Skirts are to be worn below the knee. Long-sleeved dresses in neutral, solid colours are acceptable.

Business Professional look is definitely common but if not done properly you can end up looking overdressed or even boring. What you need to add to this look would be a statement piece. Add some fun and colour along to your look: Shoes,Jewellery, lips, nails. Paying extra attention to the details is extremely essential.

Bring some colour to the whole look with a wine nail paint that would go with almost everything.

Adorn your bodyshape with the right fabric and texture. If in doubt, don’t wear it. I believe in confidence and if that outfit is not bringing out the best in you try it on a different day.

The Business Casual

Business Casual


 Well now this one can be tricky. If your workplace is all for ‘dress down’ look everyday then be sure not to come across as lazy and unprofessional. Try Solid ensembles or mixing and matching skirts, pants and blazers while still following business dress length and style guidelines. Team up that pair of jeans with a smart feminine top and walk tall in those heels- I’m definitely thinking structured tops, silky blouse, men style shirts. My all time favourite would be crisp white shirt with mid wash jeans and court shoes.  Play around with your hair- tie up a high or low bun, try the chic parisian style scarf around your neck.

Your personal style and how we blend it with the dress code

  1. The Glam

 You rule the fashion world and flaunt it- High heels, well defined lips, rich fabrics, dramatic colours , branded watches, style bags. Whatever you do, you will always be glamorous. Be wary of your audience- I would suggest main garments in neutral colours and bring in colours with your accessories.


  1. The Sophisticated

The tip here is to enjoy and embrace your own style and have fun experimenting as you go along.  Similar to classics, always have a statement piece that is almost your signature statement. Be creative!


  1. The Chic


Simple and feminine, you enjoy the Jessica Parker look. Remember it’s all about the hemline and the neckline. Sleeveless tops should extend to the edge of the shoulders and necklines should not be more than 4 inches lower from the collarbone. Always throw a jacket on top to complete the look.

Whatever be the dress code, it’s imperative to find/ discover your true style and walk in confidence. You will surprised to witness this new found confidence may open unexpected opportunities for you.

If this blog has been helpful, please share it with your friends and families and help them find their true style.

I would love to hear your comments. Many thanks in advance!

Sanchali x

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