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“I had been a stay-at-home mother for last 6 yrs and recently started working for a Bank. In last few years, due to change in body shape and running around for the family, my fashion sense and my confidence both went for a toss. I kept on wearing the same colors and style.
Thankfully, I met Sanchali and she took me through a new learning experience. I initially had color consultation and it made me realize the many colors which I can wear. It was a huge confidence boost to find ``My`` colors. Sanchali patiently explained me the way I can color coordinate and accessorize to enhance looks. I feel more confident with the new toolkit provided by her.

The next trip was out to the shops and it was equally brilliant. Sanchali made me look at the difference the right color and style makes. We had our ``tough`` moments as old habits are not easy to change. But again she was patient and helped me take baby steps introducing few changes at a time. We had a couple of shopping sessions which were extremely helpful and joyful.

I have used Sanchali's expertise to buy outfits for a family wedding and they were the perfect choice. I can't wait to find another excuse to go out shopping with her. She is professional yet makes one very comfortable and friendly.

I feel so much better about myself. I have recommended her to my family and friends and would recommend anyone who wants to really feel the change.“

Megha Bhamra Banker

“I am truly amazed at how much time and effort one could spend applying makeup day in and out. Obviously curiosity had the better of me and I've wanted to try my hand at it. So what better than a professional teaching me - Sen Style Co. Must say the whole experience has been delightful and fun. Now I know exactly what would suit me, what shades to play with and obviously how to apply them. I am all jumpy and excited having learnt my most favourite- the smokey eyes. Walked in as a curious cat and walked out as a satisfied customer. We can all make ourselves look good but making someone else look better is an art, so Thank you Sanchali!“

Vivek Trivedi Digital Marketing Consultant

“Colour Analysis - the moment you think about this, you think ``I know what colours look good on me. Why do I need someone to tell me what colours I should be wearing?`` But the truth is YOU ARE WRONG!!

I had the same thought initially. Typically, we tend to follow the colours and styles that are currently in vogue. We seldom think whether the colours will actually suit our complexion and personality. However, when I met Sanchali for a session on colour analysis, I was taken aback. The way she explained how different colours showcase a different shade of your personality, and when you actually see the same during the session, you start thinking ``how wrong was I``!! The difference is there for you to see. I now know which colours look good on me and which don't. The entire experience was an eye opener for me. Now I am so cautious of the colours I pick when I am out shopping. I will definitely recommend a session on colour analysis with Sanchali. You will not regret it 🙂 #Theimageconsultant“

Aditya Cherukupalli Management Consultant

“I have always been someone who would not experiment with a lot of colours and most of my wardrobe was predominantly filled with blacks or shades of blue. When I met Sanchali for the colour analysis, the way she explained and showed how different colours enhanced my complexion and personality was a real eye opener. I could actually see the difference while going through this entire experience. It made me realise things such as a brown would complement me more than a black. I never liked wearing my spectacles and I would always feel that they didn't suit me. Now I have figured out the reason why...It was a BLACK coloured frame. I have started to remove the colours from my wardrobe based on what is not my colour. I am definately careful now when I shop. What is also amazing is you can be a owner of your personal colour swatch which can be your little guide for all your future shopping.

There is no right age to look sexy, for me, the time has started :)“

Akriti Khemka Finance Manager

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