Spring Summer 2017 Trends- Tips on how to look like Fashion Diva

Spring Summer 2017 Trends and how to look like a Fashion Diva yet maintain your Style

Not sure how many of us have realised that Spring is here. While the temperature still has an undertone of winter, British Summer time is round the corner. As we wait for the clock to tick, the stores are lined up with the new trends for Spring Summer 2017 trends.

With loads of information on the internet on fashion trends, colours for this season, it can feel a bit overwhelming. In this blog I will attempt to share the trends and how we look the part yet retain our individual style. For those of you who love to follow the trend, it’s simple- hit some of the fashion savvy stores and buy your key pieces.
But what about the ones who belong to the ‘Classic’ & ‘Natural’ category who believe in investing in clothes keeping cost per wear in mind? What about those who want to follow the trend but not override their personal style?

London Fashion Week festival marked the entry to SS17 with some of the most exquisite yet practical clothing for this year which caught my attention.
I have curated the trends for SS17 and tips on how you could look like a Fashion Diva yet be yourself. ( Image credit – Pinterest)

80s are back
Metallics, One Shoulder dress and disco leggings are making their way back. Fashion Divas this is your time to showcase your dare and dramatic look. Loads to explore.
For the shy ones and ones looking for comfort, go for an ornate handbag, a clutch or an opulent pashmina.
If you are comfortable experimenting with eye make- up, I would definitely recommend smokey eyes which will complete the ‘dramatic’ look.




Deconstructed Shirts
We love our shirts and it’s here to stay. Designers have made it even more interesting. Runway was busy with cropped shirts, oversized sleeves, ruffles and one shoulder cut outs.
Rock this look with a pair of denim and high heels or look chic in a cropped shirt paired over a black tube skirt.


Revamped Utility
One of my favourites is the new Utility. Workwear inspired garments are big this season with muted shades and easy relaxed shapes.
Divas team this look with contrasting accessories – scarf or muffler, big earrings, shoes/sandals.


Ruffle your way
Personally I am not a fan of ruffles (tough for a petite frame to get away with this! ) however designers like Mulberry, Marc Jacobs, and Dries Van Noten have surprised us with ruffles that don’t look all girly- a leather skirt with ruffles. Interesting!


Not so colour coordinated
Now you don’t have to spend hours to coordinate your outfits by colour. Throw on a pink top over a purple legging or clash your Orange with your favourite brown. Easy peasy for a Fashion Diva!
For the shy ones , try this combination with one bright and a neutral or colour clash between muted shades.


Florals or Stripes
Florals and Graphic stripes would want to make their way into your wardrobe. If you aren’t the typical Sarah Jessica Parker (by the way I think no one can do this better than her!) try feeling a bit stripey. Full on stripes or wallpaper print florals are the ground breaking rules this season.

Sports Luxe
Creative display by DKNY, Versace, Alexander Wang -Anorkas, embellished tracksuit tops, leggings. If you are looking for comfort with a bit of oomph, this is your season.


Spring Summer 2017 has something for everyone!  While the trend is to go all the way out to showcase your love for fashion, it doesn’t stop us from retaining our signature style.

Hoping this has helped all you gorgeous ones out there and you are ready to explore- The Catwalk is waiting for you.

For any questions and comments please free to send them.

Sanchali xx



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