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 You are great at what you do , you are someone looking for an upgrade in their image or want to find own  style.  As a trained  image consultant , I style people with a focus on body shape, personality and profession / lifestyle  I will help you find your  style that you will love and fits in your lifestyle and budget. Together we will go through this journey and have lots of fun along the way.
I provide Bespoke wedding services including colour dash, personal shopping for the bride and her bridesmaids too. We will have a chat to discuss every aspect of your requirements, needs and what you want to achieve. It starts with a free consultation so  don’t hesitate to contact.



Our First Consultation ( free) will be to know more about you, your likes, dislikes, your goals. Understanding you as a person will enable me to provide you with the right care and attention
consultation- Sanchali Sen Image Consultant
Colour Dash Image Consultant - Sanchali Sen



There is nothing more miraculous than Colour Dash.  Colour Dash experience is an Investment for life. You learn the colours that make you look and feel your best, followed by a make up lesson. 
You save time and money.  Shopping would now seem effortless cause now you know exactly what to own.
Fees: £110



No two individuals could have the same style. Style is unique and so are you! 
Style is an image of your character.  Right clothing paired with oodles of confidence you open doors to infinite opportunities. 
You will wear what fits your personality and lifestyle and this is where I will help you- whether you are preparing for your wedding, going on a job interview or deal cracking meeting. 
So sit back and relax and enjoy the journey.
Fees: £120 
* An additional £70 for Colour Dash
Image Consultant Image Consultant - Sanchali Sen
Colour Dash - Red Dress Image Consultant - Sanchali Sen



Perhaps you are someone who finds shopping stressful and daunting or don’t have the time to sort out your next season. Maybe you do enjoy railing the racks but don’t know quite what to pick. 
What if I was to say , all you need to do is lounge and I will help you pick just the perfect items that will fit your personality, lifestyle and budget.
Personal and Wedding Shopping will usually take place in London or Hertfordshire. 
If time is a constraint, you also have an option to opt for Virtual Shopping. You would receive items on a moodpboard and all you have to do is simply select and click your way without having to leave your office or the comfort of your home. 
Fees: £180 upto 3 hours 
Additional  £30 per additional 30 minutes



Do you hear yourself say ‘ I have nothing to wear’ with wardrobe full of clothes. Most likely the clothes don’t compliment your personality. The 80-20 rule applies perfectly here- we wear 20% of the same clothes , 80% of the times. 
Detox is not about buying new clothes. You will learn and understand what clothes and fabrics look the best on you, how to combine pieces , revamp your wardrobe and your style with existing clothes complimented by right accessories and ideas to add new items to bring in the new look. 
Fees: £150 upto 3 hours 
Additional  £25 per additional 30 minutes
Wardrobe Detox Image Consultant - Sanchali Sen
wedding services Image Consultant - Sanchali Sen



It’s beginning of a new chapter and one of the most memorable one. 

Invites, Guest Lists, Venue, BridesMaid dresses…..The list goes on for you. 
You probably haven’t had the chance to think about yourself just yet. Weddings can be nerve wrecking
You can now sit back , relax, enjoy your time with your loved ones, get your due beauty sleep. 
I am here to make you look and feel spectacular

Bespoke Wedding Services

Perhaps you are the bride's best friend or loved one or the lucky groom , this is your chance to gift her an opportunity to pamper herself and feel like a princess.

Style is You
Update your look
Within your budget