Reasons to get your Color Analysis done

Upon being asked by someone about their outfit or hair, the first thing that catches my attention is the colors that adorn them. Then comes the style. Colors are always a  prerequisite to a good style statement.

Color Analysis


The logic behind is quite simple.  Let us accept that we even if we are adorned with latest designer wear, or with a modern hair style, in case the colors don’t go parallel; the entire look goes waste.

Well, SenStyleCo gives you a chance to revive your looks, and get something which really suits your personality. Let’s get to understand the concept of color analysis in a better manner.

What is Color analysis?

The term isn’t new. It has its roots back in 1980’s. However, with its comeback, today we have over 4 seasonal color palettes. As defined by Wikipedia, colour analysis means:

“Color analysis, also called skin tone color matching, personal color or seasonal color, is the process of finding colors of clothing and makeup to match a person’s skin complexion, eye color, and hair color…Color analysis is the process of determining the colors that best suit an individual’s natural coloring.”

So if by any reason, you are still not aware of the colors that suit you best, here’s your quick guide to make a better guess. Check these top six reasons which should tell you why you should have a color analysis:

1-    Know yourself better: With the help of color analysis, you can know yourself better. A successful completion of the same can help you get over the dull and outdated look. Let your outer appearance represent the bright and blissful side of you. You need to keep in mind that wearing the colors which suit you, won’t just make you look good with clothes, but also other features of your body.

2-    Get more attentive: No doubt you are much concerned about the other things you do. But, next time you need to ensure that you pay same attentiveness also to what you shop. Having an expert’s color analysis can help you eliminate series of clothing racks or the items you must not entertain. It helps you to be attentive towards what matters to you and grooms you, without diverging your valuable attention.

3-    Suits your energy: Be it a party, or an official meeting, you might be energized and confident from the inside, but choosing wrong colors might not portray the same side of you. With the help of color analysis, you can know about the colors which walk parallel to your personality. If you still don’t believe this, try having Energy Muscle testing through a color analysis consultation.

4-    Don’t waste time in matching: You won’t just save your time and portray your energy but it also helps you in having a wardrobe filled with colors that won’t just match your personality,  but will match also each other. Your closet will have clothes and accessories that will suit each other’s intensities and undertone.

5-    Feel refreshed: Wearing color(s) that suit your personality won’t just make you look good outside, but will eventually raise your confidence level, leaving behind positive vibes in and outside the arena you go. It’s like the ‘law of attraction’. Get prepared to own it.

6-    Smart investment for self: We often invest in buying things which add to our standard. Why not invest in some apparels and accessories that can add further to this. However, the difference here will be that the price won’t decide your standard, but the internal composition of you will define it.


The time’s changing and with it the way people present themselves. Choosing the right colors is just a click away! You can have the analysis through online and offline mediums. Before signing off, all I would say is that it’s high time that you need to do something for self in a right manner. Its never too late to look your best!


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