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Shopping tailored for your lifestyle and your budget. You learn how to shop smart; where to splurge, where to save and where to shop. Together you will cover all the bases with your personalized list of wardrobe essentials. With guidance, you’ll end the shopping trip with great pieces that work for you and learn techniques how to refresh the ensemble with simple tips!

Fees: £180/hour for the first 3 hours
Fees: £55/hour for each additional hour

Shop for you

Whether you are a busy Professional, Entrepreneur or a mum, we do all the work without you having to step in the shopping mall! A personal fitting takes place in the comfort of your own home. Your new clothes are delivered to your doorstep!

Fees: £200 base charge + item charge (stated below).

Includes a one-hour in-home personal fitting (after shopping), returns/exchanges and a typed New Wardrobe Summary. Additional charges based on items kept:

  • 1-5 items: £20/item
  • 6-10 items: £18/item
  • 11-20 items: £15/item
  • 21+ items: £10/item

(Per item charge does not include the price of clothing.)

Nick of time

Are you in the nick of time and need just a few items brought to you? Just give us at least 24 hour notice and all your much needed wardrobe pieces will be delivered at your doorstep!

Fees: £180 base charge + item charge (stated below).

  • 1-2 items: £30/each
  • 3-4 items: £20/each

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