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Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and time with your family. Wishing all my readers a very Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true!

So over a dinner table conversation, a dear friend of mine says ‘ How difficult can it be to style a man? All we have to do is pull on a white shirt, throw a suit on , wear my favourite pair of shoes and not to forget my only piece of accessory – a watch’
Now honestly, I just din’t know where and how to start. Should I have started with ‘ See me tomorrow in my office’ or ‘ men’s style is completely on a different level since half a decade’  
Yes, Men are far more aware and conscious these days and I don’t mean just fashion conscious. In this super busy competitive world , what grabs the attention ( atleast first few minutes) and creates a lasting impression is your Image. Almost 90% of the times when you walk in for a presentation , board meeting, or a prospective client bid, we are scanned by the eyes sitting in the room. Our once upon time men who believed only content of what they speak grab the attention vs Image is key to and content,  is now swinging towards the latter.
Now let’s get to one of the key pieces that belongs to a man’s wardrobe- Shirts. 

You probably own at least two to three (two smart, one casual) and wear them formally to work and on dress down days or lazy weekends when you are heading down to your favourite pub with the lads. This is your staple and you should ask what does this staple piece of clothing say about you?

For those who love bespoke shirts , I have to say you can’t get any better than theartefact  and if you are on a budget yet want to look the part definitely try Tophat London. We will take a look at if you are wearing your shirt to match the occasion and some helpful tips on how to rock it!

The Formal Shirt- Professional and Trustworthy 
Sharp , Crisp and Professional are the few words that cross my mind immediately. For the Work wardrobe, a classic white formal shirt is what you need. To make an impressionable presence in the boardroom, definitely team it up with a tie and cufflinks. My personal recommendation would be to always put those cuff links on if your industry demands a formal outlook. Having worked for years in the corporate sector, I have had the chance to witness some of the most well dressed Management Consultants and yet some who belonged to the Old School thinking ‘ My knowledge and experience is my Image’. True however if you are standing in an ill fitted shirt with scruffy shoes, I’m not sure if you would come across as professional and trustworthy. Inadvertently my eyes would indefinitely roll down to shirts and cufflinks. Most men today are leaning towards learning the art of dressing smart. Just be sure to keep the quality of the fabric and types of collar in mind before you add these into your wardrobe.

The Casual Shirt- Friendly and Laid Back 
We also call them Lumberjack shirt. You want to look good with less hassle? Wear this over jeans or throw this over a Tee. Be creative with the checks and add colour into your wardrobe. No man can go wrong in this – dark wash jeans , a check shirt over a tee or wear on its own with plimsoles or loafers. For winter days, try boots and an ultra down jacket / lightweight jacket.

The Oxford Shirt- Relaxed but Refined 
Key piece for everyday smart casual classic or Corporate Dress Down. One can wear this with a tie and a blazer or over chinos . Oxfords look formal however to bring in a less formal look , go for a less fitted style , softer collar and thicker fabric. If you are one of those who want to look good effortlessly then these are your must own pieces.

The Button Down (Collar ) Shirt- Smart and Casual 
Button down shirt does not mean buttons opened. It’s a type of a collar which has made a grand entrance in the last couple of years (Tele series Madmen). Think crew neck jumper, bomber jackets, sports jackets over it paired with jeans. Try to stick to almost same shade of hue for the jacket and jeans and play around with the colour of the shirt.

The Short Sleeve or Rolled sleeve Shirt- Smart Casual and Practical
I prefer rolled sleeves shirts to short sleeves for the warmer days. Short sleeve shirts are definitely making a comeback. Team it up with a dark denim or throw over a plain Tee. You could even pair it up with a blazer. Definitely a ‘dress down’ code for this one.

Putting on the right style is a must because you want to respect the occasion. An appropriate colour of the shirt too displays respect for the occasion and says a lot about your emotion and mood.

Remember: Think about your shirts and classify them into these categories.

Hope this makes a difference to your wardrobe! Thanks for reading


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