Get Set for A Beach Holiday!

Beach Holiday Packing List

Beaches have always found their charm during summers. While the idea sounds fun, packing at times can become certainly challenging. So, to ensure that you do not get muddled up in the last minute whirl of packing, let’s go through some packing tips. The list will allow you to not only finish your packing in time but also help in traveling light.

Let’s get Started!

Here’s what and how you need to pack for a stylish beach vacation:

  • Keep it light and bright: Summers are the best to flaunt with bright colors. Having a low back dress with floral panels and lace details can be your perfect choice. The choice of colors may include lime green, fuschia, or hot pink. Besides floral touch, you can also try stripes and polka dots. And yes, prefer leaving the somber clothing in your wardrobe for the moment.
  • To roll or to fold: Most of the people still fold their stuff while packing, but trust me rolling isn’t just in trend but saves you a lot of space. This vacation, try rolling your t-shirts and jeans instead of folding them. This can also help your wrinkles away.


Beach Holiday Packing

  • Keep it two-three: This applies to your swimsuits and cover-ups both. Remember the fewer swimsuits, the lesser tan lines. However, keeping two to three swim suits won’t just restrain from conflicts of what to wear but will also let you show different styles. Apart from this, you can keep a couple of light dresses, sheer wraps, or comfy rompers.


  • A pair will do: This section includes comfortable flip flops to let you get wet or hang out around the beach or pool. A pair of dressier sandals to make you leave a remarkable impression at a la carte restaurant and over a disco night. Besides these, do not forget to add a pair of walking/running shoes to accompany you while excursions, a hat, and pair of sunglasses to protect you from the hot sun and simultaneously look cool. Also, prefer keeping a light sweater for the cooler evenings.


  • Keeping the essentials: Do not miss these while packing the above things. The list of essentials includes travel size toiletries, Feminine hygiene needs, stain remover wipes, medicines (if required), cosmetics and skin care etc. Apart from these, you must also need to find out about the nearest drugstore around the beach.


Before you leave

So now that you are all set to leave, do keep in mind what NOT TO CARRY. Don’t keep more than two to three dresses and leave your high maintenance pieces in the wardrobe. For an example, leave all that behind which eventually requires ironing.Have a great weekend.

Until Next Time, Have a great weekend!

Sanchali Sen
Image Consultant & Personal Stylist

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