SUIT yourself- The Corporate Man

‘A man should look as if he has chosen his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten about them’ Hardy Amis


Unspoken Rules to ‘SUIT’ you.

Having spent 16 years in the corporate sector, I have had the opportunity to learn by watching various men – a great coach across the table , an excellent sales partner in the boardroom pitching a key deal fiercely to a customer.  First impressions are lasting impressions. You want to come across as credible, efficient, intelligent, confident stable & trustworthy. Your wardrobe encompasses more than clothing. Remember, if you don’t come across as a man who takes care of his image, you may be not be seen as someone respecting themselves hence it’s tough for others to respect you.

‘SUIT’ Yourself – Rule 1 Lapel

The width of your tie should relate to the width of your lapel. Keep the tie width preference in mind when you are buying a suit, relating to your body and scale.

‘SUIT’ Yourself – Rule 2 Sleeve Length

The back of the sleeve should just meet the bump of your palm and allow ½’ of shirt cuff to show. Should end just above the hinges of your wrist.

‘SUIT’ Yourself – Rule 3 Jacket Length

A suit jacket should cover most of your pants zipper and all of your bottom. Try this – with your arms at your side, curl your fingers up. Your jacket should be resting in your hand.

‘SUIT’ Yourself – Rule 4 Jacket Length

A good suit should hug your shoulders. Try a size down than what you think you are.

‘SUIT’ Yourself – Rule 5 Armholes

Opt for higher armholes for a more natural movement and modern look


‘SUIT’ Yourself – Rule 6 Darts

Your suit should dart in the waist. Remember, the thinnest point should be around the jacket’s main button. You can always tailor this further to fit your body.

‘SUIT’ Yourself – Rule 7 Break

The pants should have one break at the bottom, this is where your pants fold when they meet the shoe.

‘SUIT’ Yourself – Rule 8  No Collar Gap

This ones tricky and most get this wrong- There should be no collar gap between your jacket’s lapel and your shirt’s collar. It’s a sign of an ill fitted suit.

‘SUIT’ Yourself – Rule 9  Pocket Square

Pocket square can add that little extra oomph. Remember that it should not match your tie ( pattern or fabric)

‘SUIT’ Yourself – Rule 10  Dark grey is the new Black

Dark grey is the new black and goes with more colours.

‘SUIT’ Yourself – Rule 11 Vents

Double vents at the back are in trend. Always leave the last button of the jacket unbuttoned to create that V.

Men’s Style is all about looking effortlessly dressed.

Thank you for reading this post, please share with your friends and family. Happy to receive more tips that I could add to this.

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