The Corporate Muddy Boots

While the world was busy pacing up to beginning of the year rush, I was the tortoise. The first 2 beautiful winter months of the year have always been my time to recreate my space to revive, feel the world, tune to my soul preparing myself for the coming months through a healthy lifestyle.

8 years as a Business Finance advisor running a £150 Million+ portfolio, inevitably pushed me into that zone post a dramatic year end and I seemed to have been carrying that legacy even now.

Here’s some mind,  body and soul enriching sessions I attended this year :

Vegan cooking

Wellness & Mindfulness Retreat

Silver Staking ring making class.

Love these handcrafted stacking rings

I absolutely loved each one of them and recommend highly.


We all have the natural instinct to pace up post holidays and day offs, either out of guilt or peer pressure. Have you ever noticed the morning rush to work – we start to run on escalators mirroring people around us?

Your environment plays a huge role on your lifestyle- family, work and social. In this fast manic paced world, it is important to find ‘your space’– a space that is uninterrupted, encouraging you to connect with your true self and your loved ones.

How we feel about ourselves has an unconditional impact on how we are perceived by others and has a long term marked effect on everything else. I’m not here to preach on how to lead a super healthy balanced lifestyle, I aim to help and extend support by sharing some positive sustainable changes I introduced in my life.


Are you your true friend or do you run away from yourself?

Many of us struggle here- we are on a constant look out for a companion whether it is a coffee break or travelling back home after a notorious day at work.

Engage in a conversation with yourself. Take that 30 minute break (once a week) and walk by yourself. Grab your lunch, sit in the park and enjoy the silence. Most great ideas emerge here!!

City or a Suburban Life?  

I would now admit this openly, Yes, I am now a suburban girl- 10pm lights off!

You probably just want to watch one more episode of ‘Crown’ on Netflix but hey, you don’t want to wake up with a sloppy crown on your head the next morning. Starting your day early has myriad of benefits- You write that email first and your boss loves you for it, clear out your 1000 email mailbox, organise your calendar better, plan a lunch with a colleague or an important stakeholder.

Protagonist or Procrastinator?  

Despite leading a demanding role with multiple deadlines, managing stakeholder expectations, I found myself taking up additional responsibilities or diving into various initiatives. If you want people to believe you are a super woman/ man (I’m not hinting at wearing your underpants over your trousers!), you should get into the groove of extermination of procrastination.

Moving from procrastination to a protagonist requires practice. By now I am hoping you have created the early morning mindfulness (discussed in the point above) which empowers you to take on pending tasks by the horn and slay them before they slide from ‘important to urgent list’

Block a few hours in your calendar- I would typically on Fridays, reading up organisation news, pen down that idea/ initiative you’ve been pondering over for months now or make an informal pitch to your stakeholder, enrich yourself through some online trainings.



Did I hear takeaway?

Now with some of the above little but effective changes, you find yourself smiling despite a long day at work. You suddenly feel like you have regained the control of your life.

I say it’s time to celebrate! You reach out for your mobile and just before you dial to order a delicious chicken tikka masala from your favourite joint, you surprisingly find yourself in the kitchen cooking a healthy meal for your family.

We turned our evening meal cooking into an effortless family bonding time.  By cutting down on carbs substantially from our last meal, our cooking time reduced by half, feeling lighter and energised the next morning. Try super salads, soup, or if you still find yourself longing for your traditional dish then flavour it with natural herbs and a healthier choice of oil.

Muddy Boots?

Get your boots muddy- jump in that puddle with your little one, go for a walk with your family, play a sport that you enjoy.

Remember when your child sees your worries and feels your stress, your partner sacrifices family time over your burdened work you bring home, they are patiently hoping that one day you will wear your muddy boots.

Thank you for reading this far. I look forward to your feedback and suggestions which can help everyone.

Sanchali x


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