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We all know that many organizations are striving to work the gender diversity ratio. While it is not surprising that as you climb the ranks, the ratio of women to men in the boardroom is 1:5, however it is a myth that most women consciously give up demanding roles to sustain a better work life balance. Some give up because they learn to believe that it’s a man’s world out there, some turn their backs to a bright future fearing they might lose their authentic self, contesting her way to the top.

These self–doubts do us more harm than we imagine. It’s about time we remind ourselves that some of the best leaders are women and you too are good at what you do.  If we are looking for equality, we must act and behave like an equal.

The way you dress, the colors you choose, the way you talk and the way you relate to others are some of the more important elements in determining your success in your career and in life.

No matter who you are or what you do, your success, ultimately, depends on what other people THINK about you – the image they have of you. Whether you are pitching to a CXO or setting up your new business, you are becoming more visible and need to work on your personal brand, your overall image.

You know it’s time to hire a professional to help if you want to:

  • Be more confident and decisive
  • Be your authentic self
  • Present a powerful Image
  • Reflect best in class demeanor
  • Pursue your dreams without compromising on work life balance
  • Be SWAN – Serene on the surface (although paddling like hell to stay calm and afloat)

A 8 week Image Consulting program looking at transforming your image , boosting your confidence & thus helping you achieve success in personal and professional life .

  • Personality & Lifestyle Assessment
  • Self Image & Personal Development
  • Communication Style
  • Beauty Care regime
  • Colour Analysis
  • Wardrobe Makeover over including mood-board of 25-30 Capsule pieces
  • Virtual or Personal Shopping
  • Life Coaching


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