Bra TellTale- How to get that perfect look

You are a bold, beautiful , sexy , a woman with finesse and taste for finer things in life. You are someone who would encourage your partner to gift you one or drag him to Victoria Secrets to buy you that red bra for Christmas. 

For all you beautiful women who own that red bra ( I’m guessing each one of you own atleast one) I salute you.
We love a bit of fun and love to bring colours into our daily lives. On a gloomy Monday who would not love to fit into a gorgeous black satin push up or a purple. But hold on , did I hear someone say – ” I would never wear a push up to work”

Well, here are some bra tell tales we all ought to know and remember:

– The bigger the breast, the bigger the size.
False : Bra measurement is a combination of size of the chest , part under your breast and size of the cup.

We need to get ourselves measured every 6-12 months especially post gaining or losing weight. 
True : You will be surprised that 3 weeks back, I came down from a size 34 to 32 because I have been wearing the wrong size all along. ( Thanks to a very famous store who got me all wrong)

Right bra would make you look slimmer and feel confident 
True: Now I’m not saying you will loose a kilo however if your boobs are in the right place, you will have more of a waist to flaunt and less of bulges showing at the wrong places.
To my utmost surprise, I easily slipped into my dresses which made me believe I’ve put on a few kilos.

– There is no solution to sagging breasts.
False: Push ups slightly padded are your miracle workers. Avoid non padded bras all the way.

– Big boobs need to shy away
Absolutely False: You are lucky to have that pair which some women would pay for . Get yourself measured if you haven’t already, bravissimo does some amazing bras ranging from lace, net, padded and longline. Be sure to go for underwires for more support. I just absolutely love  Bravissimo
Key is to ensure you have 3-4 hooks to give you more support.

– These little babies need to be hand washed only
False: While handwash is ideal but hands up if you  switched to washing machine ( We all do that!)
Now remember to wash them in a delicate cycle only , pop them into a soft wash bag.
Do not dry them in the washer dryer, the support holders would loose the elasticity and you would be left with a beautiful bra laying in your cupboard.

– It’s the last hook
False: A new bra should be fastened on the first hook. With time and usage we move up the hooks. It’s time to bid good bye to your favourite and buy a new one when you are the last hook.

– A little bit of oozing from the cup is sexy 
Absolutely not: If you are oozing, it’s sign that you are not in your size. The breast should fill the cup.
There are various styles available in the market like the half cup, balconnettes that are designed for showing off your beautiful cleavage ( depending on the neckline of the outfit)

– Nude or flesh tone under white outfits
True True and so True: Never attempt to wear a white under a white….They show!! Unless you are out on the dance floor and want to bring in a bit of fun contrast- red under a black. My all time favourite is steel grey embellished ones from Intimissi.

Have a look through this website , great details on bra fitting.

Now get yourself measured, buy amazing and sexy well fitted bras for both  work and occasions and have a whole lot of fun!!

Sanchali x



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