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  • Get Set for A Beach Holiday!

    Beaches have always found their charm during summers. While the idea sounds fun, packing at times can become certainly challenging. So, to ensure that you do not get muddled up in the last minute whirl of packing, let’s go through some packing tips. The list will allow you to not only finish your packing in […]

  • Things to consider for a Perfect Wedding Shopping

    Undoubtedly, for a to-be-bride, wedding shopping can be very thrilling and worrisome. It is one of the most exciting aspects of the whole wedding preparations. Picking up the right wedding dress, choosing on particular attire and deciding on which color suits you best are some of the aspects which can turn wedding shopping into a […]

  • Jyoti Chandok Couture – Where style meets tradition

    Indian tradition is admired across the globe. The phrase ‘old is gold’ indeed finds its meaning in the laps of this South Asian Country. Besides its diverse blend of tradition and cultures, the traditional Indian wears have impeccably gained global eyeballs. With the swiftly moving time, innovation has become an invincible ingredient to accomplish people’s […]

  • London Luxe- Urbane Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition

    Fashion today is more of a personal expression. Women today are not slaves of what’s trending in the market. They are bold and confident, breaking the stereotype, making the industry ever so emerging. While designers are continuously toiling to create new definition to match the demand of the market, most have successfully retained the true […]

  • Mallika Jain sets her eye at the London Luxe!

    “Everything around you changes with the time” and this stands very true in the context of fashion trends. As fashion travels from one subculture to another, the evolution of Indian fashion beginning from traditional Indian wear to getting influenced by western styles can now be easily witnessed. Looking closer at this transformation, the late 1960s […]

  • Top 8 Asian Bridal Looks

    Have you ever considered visiting an image consultant before your wedding?
    If you haven’t and you are getting married in a couple of months or weeks, it is time for you to consult a professional individual. Do it for the sake of getting that perfect bridal look on the stage. No doubt every Indian bride wants […]

  • Reasons to get your Color Analysis done

    Upon being asked by someone about their outfit or hair, the first thing that catches my attention is the colors that adorn them. Then comes the style. Colors are always a  prerequisite to a good style statement.


    The logic behind is quite simple.  Let us accept that we even if we are adorned with latest designer wear, […]

  • The Business Woman- Power & Style

     High heels running down the escalators, striking a perfect balance between the sophisticated business bag, newspaper and the hot coffee, gorgeous locks of hair framing her face ever so beautifully. She is someone you see every single day at the same time and she looks impeccable as if she has walked out of a beauty […]