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Free Spirited , cheerful and determined is what you would first notice about me. My journey from a successful Professional to a Personal Stylist & Image Consultant is a story to tell.

Born and lived most of my life in India, it’s rich culture , history and art always kept me close to my creativity. The ornate festivals, beautifully adorned Goddesses , women and men dressed flamboyantly , the celebrations galore are deeply imprinted in my mind. 
Often friends and family would seek my company to pick up outfits for their special occasions, ask for tips on make up, hair and trends. 
Like most individuals I isolated my passion from my job- 16 years of Corporate experience starting from India , across Europe and finally London.I distinctly remember as an Expat my first shopping experience in Europe- shopping was a nightmare for the first time. I must have purchased every single item from some of the most well known stores not because I was a shopaholic.
The constant scuffle with size , trends, season and weather change.  From this debonair woman I transformed into an image I could not relate to. Despite a wardrobe full of clothes ‘ I have nothing to Wear ‘ was my daily anthem.
I started to experiment with my existing wardrobe , perhaps subconsciously moving towards a Wardrobe Detox . What started as a playful experiment  of mix and match of clothes and accessories became a skill.  Dressing up or dress down wasn’t that stressful anymore- teaming up the right accessories and shoes made a huge difference to my look. With little bit of research I started to buy and keep only essentials- colours that suit me , fabrics that compliment my body style and gradually found my own style. I found my confidence back and people could not stop themselves from complementing me. 
Taking friends and colleagues out shopping became like a ritual. I would take my fellow expats colleagues touring through the city, introducing them to high street brands, style and fashion , how to pick the right outfit, make up and accessories.
And then one fine day I woke up and said to myself ‘ I want to do what I enjoy the most’. Today I absolutely revel in what I do – Helping my Clients find their confidence & witness their transformation is a indescribable moment. Watching my clients go through their special moments gives me immense pride- Winning your key deal or finding your dream job, a confident mum returning back to work, an Expat effortlessly settling in, a beautiful indian couple adorned by opulent ensemble waiting to take the wedding vows.

Thank you for reading this far and letting me share with you my story.
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