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Sanchali is a London based, certified Image Consultant & Style coach. (Member of FIPI -Federation of Image Professionals International)

Sanchali says ‘Style is unique, so are you. I want you to have an affair- an affair with yourself. You in your right colours and your true style. Your personal brand is a key element of your non- verbal communication to the world- whether you are a Director,  a CEO or an ambitious entrepreneur, we all reflect our brand unconsciously.  Defining your personal brand and style will help you achieve your milestones, enjoy harmony both personally and professionally’

During her 16 years of career in the corporate sector (Finance Director), starting from India to Europe, she has passionately supported her fellow colleagues on how to improve their personal branding & style.

Working with busy professionals, entrepreneurs and individuals with her sense of style, eye for detail, experience from the corporate world combined with her great interpersonal skills she walks with her clients throughout the transformation.

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